I bought a Bed of Nails. It’s a whole huge mat and pillow of these wheels of nails. You lay on it and works like an acupuncturist. Hurts like hell at first but feels soooooo good after.

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I’m sick. This little demon is watching over me.

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Birthday beach dress up

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I promise that, despite what it looks like, I DID NOT murder anyone on my balcony. I murdered them outside and DISMEMBERED them on the balcony. Duh.

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I love your hair! Did you do it yourself?

Yes and no. I had my stylist do it originally but I mess around with it in between appointments

Pretentious low angle traffic shot - complete.

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Inspired by @willmpetersen it’s #parkselfie!

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This is spray painted on the building next to our office. The fact that my entire office is starting a pre-Coachella juice cleanse today only make this better.

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